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The 4th of July

Howdy my foxtastic friends! 🤠🦊 Well, it is that time of year! Hot weather, ice cream cones and watching fireworks.4th of July!! I've always enjoyed 4th of July since I was a little kid. Fireworks never really scared me and I always got to see friends. 😄💖But I also have other reasons to… Continue reading The 4th of July


🖖Live Long and Prosper

Greetings my Foxy friends....🦊💖 I have entered a new fandom. #Fangirling Look at these beautiful people!! LOOK AT THEM!!!😍 Star Trek. *runs around throwing confetti and crying over new fandom babies* I entered into this new world of wonders about a week ago when I found that Netflix has the show (The Original Series) and… Continue reading 🖖Live Long and Prosper

DIY and Crafts

Quarantined Crafts and Projects

Hello dearies! As many of you know, this whole corona virus thing has really thrown off a lot of grooves...😒 But let us groove on and make the best out of it shall we?! I personally can get cabin fever very quickly, 'cuz I'm the unfortunate extrovert. So a lot of my social events and… Continue reading Quarantined Crafts and Projects