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The 4th of July

Howdy my foxtastic friends! 🤠🦊 Well, it is that time of year! Hot weather, ice cream cones and watching fireworks.4th of July!! I've always enjoyed 4th of July since I was a little kid. Fireworks never really scared me and I always got to see friends. 😄💖But I also have other reasons to… Continue reading The 4th of July


~The Lobster Award~

I have seen this award done by several bloggers I really like, but my all time favorite has been Penny's!! She did not tag me for this award, but her questions were open for the taking, so I took them!! They are just so much fun and I am literally giggling as I'm writing this.… Continue reading ~The Lobster Award~

Life Stuff

My Word For 2021

Just going to post this as if I didn't disappear for over however many months....Well hello there my fantastic people!! I hope everybody had a wonderfully blissful Christmas and New Years! It's still so hard to believe that it's already 2021!! 😮 Seams like yesterday we were all getting ready for the big 2020.… Continue reading My Word For 2021