Top Ten Sites For Writers

Wut-up foxy peeps?! 💕🦊

Are any of you writers?
Do you have a blog? Write short stories or fanfiction? Any kind of writing??
Cool beans!
I’ve been writing stories since I was eight years old, but only within the last four or five years have I really been digging deep and learning more about the art of writing.
It’s a lot of fun and I love it! But if you’re a writer you’ll know what I mean when I say…It’s also a LOT of work. Especially if you’re writing for others to read.
If you’re anything like me, you like to make sure information is right or need a little help when it comes to naming a city or even describing someone’s outfit.

Well, I’m here to make things easy for ya!
Here are TEN really epic websites that have helped me out a LOT in my writing.
I hope you find them as helpful as I do.😁

~No. 1
Fantasy Name Generators

So the name gives most of it away, but this website is pretty awesome! They also have names on there from real places, or even some fandom related names. They have names for people, Elfs, dwarfs, goblins, you name it! They also have names for cities, towns, villages, countries….the list goes on! Very helpful when you’re having a bit of trouble figuring out what you want to name…anything.

~No. 2

This site is one of my faves!! It has a lot of helpful things for us writers. One of the primary things is the many, many prompts and writing challenges. But if you get an account there are SO many other tools to use. They even have a writing platform where you can write and edit your book or hire an editor and publisher!

~No 3

I do realize that many of you must know of this site, but I’m going to put it on here anyway.
NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) is an AMAZZZZIIING website just packed full of fun and adventure!!
How to use; You create an account (free of charge…always) anytime. The main purpose of the NaNoWriMo site is to push young writers to set a goal and finish it all in one month. But they also have a lit forum full of peeps there to chat and hang out with! They also have an EPIC writers manual that I actually printed out three years ago and still use!

~No 4
Hierarchical Structures

You ever started writing a story and got to the part where you don’t know how this sort of household would be set up, or how a certain job’s ranks work, look no further!
This website has as many hierarchical structures as you can name!
Used it just recently actually to figure out the set up of a NewsPaper company.

~No 5
Plot Generator

So this one is really good for inspiration and getting ideas, in my opinion. It’s kind of cheesy but I thought it was a fun place to go and just play around.
This site also has a ton more generators other then just plot ones. There’s Pen Name generators, song lyrics, opening lines and more!
Just a fun place to dabble and see what you can come up with!

~No 6
Fun Translations

Now this is a FUN website!!
You can take anything, anything, and translate it into pretty much any form of speech or fantasy language.
Example: Hello, I am Hero, I write blog posts and like to do art.
~In Quenya (elvish)~
“Hello, ni am callo, ni tece- blog posts ar ve ana care- carme. “
~In Minion~
“Bello, ka am cap, ka scripto blog lie yee ko da batooay cob. “
Yup. Pretty darn epic!!

~No 7
List of Aesthetics

So this isn’t really a proper site, and more like a page, but I think it’s pretty helpful!
It’s a list of all the different kinds of aesthetics with descriptions and things that go with those aesthetics.
I think this can be helpful when trying to capture a certain feel, or theme for a story or place or character. Like color pallets that would go best with this or that “feel” or music or even cloths you character would listen to or wear according to their aesthetic. Or even help you discover your character’s aesthetic!

~No 8

Now before continuing with this one, I just want to say that this website does have some…sketchy stuff on there…just like a lot of websites such as Pinterest, Instagram or even WordPress!! (I once had a Witch ((talking real live Satan worshiper)) follow my blog.) So just be careful as always!!
I very much recommend this site for sharing stories and reading other people’s writings! It is very well put together and you have control over what you see and who you hear from.
It can be a great place to get feedback and start conversations! I read an AMAZING Phantom of the Opera fanfiction on there by a really cool peep and we’ve passed encouraging words and started chatting.
(I’m on there as IdhwenFox16)

~No 9

This site is just an ocean of info!! I linked the main page, but if you type in your fandom in the search engine it’ll pull up documents on that fandom. I’ve found a lot of very helpful tid-bits on my new Star Trek fandom.


Last but not least, this site is for you peeps who are writing to publish! This is the site I am planning on using to self publish my children’s book in progress.
Please give it a look!

Well ya’ll that brings this post to and end!
Thank you all so much for reading and I hope some of these were new and helpful!!

See you guys…when I feel the energy to write again.😏

Until next time!

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