🖖Live Long and Prosper

Greetings my Foxy friends….🦊💖

I have entered a new fandom.

Look at these beautiful people!! LOOK AT THEM!!!😍

Star Trek.
*runs around throwing confetti and crying over new fandom babies*
I entered into this new world of wonders about a week ago when I found that Netflix has the show (The Original Series) and I’m nearly through the first season. *tehe*

Those of you epic peeps that know not what this Star Trek is, allow me to passionately describe and explain….

The primary main characters of the show are the three dudes you saw on the poster above. The man with the blonde hair on the right is James Kirk, the captain of the ship you see below him which is called The USSA Enterprise, Kirk’s pride and joy.
The man with pointy ears and black hair is the green blooded Vulcan named Spock. He’s the head science officer and second in command.
The second blonde dude in the bottom left hand corner is Dr. McCoy or “Bones”. As his title suggests, McCoy is the ship Doctor.
The show follows these men and their adventures on a five year mission to explore deep space to discover and reconnect with other races of people and planets.
The show is EXTREMELY cheesy, but it was filmed in the 60’s…soooo…
And honestly the cheesiness is one of the reasons I love it so much!!

Now take note, I’m only half way through the original show. There are others like The Next Generation and the movies that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I’ll make sure to write about them when I do. 😉

Now for the fun part.
The Fangirling….

So, behind the silly romances, unrealistic plots and super old school visual effects….

Like…uh…this dog costume….🤣🤣

there are some really AMAZING characters!! True fandom material.
Let us start off with the one called Spock shall we?? (My personal fav.)

Leonard Nimoy Spock Star Trek TOS  The Return of the Archons
The poiiiity eeears!!😍

Spock is partly Vulcan (an alien race) and part human. The Vulcan people are extremely aloof and logical and often labeled as “heartless” or “Emotionless”, and they kinda are.🙄
But because Spock is part human he has a very deep struggle with his logical emotionless Vulcan side and his soft fuzzy side.
Here is a very clear visual…


He is best friends with Kirk and McCoy, even thought McCoy is a…well…an emotional mess.

Dr. MCcoy

Dr.Bones is originally from Georgia Earth.
Okay, imagine….the Grinch, as a southern blonde, becomes a doctor and boards a space ship.
Yup. That’s Bones. He loves his bros deeply, but is always getting onto them and complaining. In a way he’s the “Mom” friend. And the sarcasm….

It’s just…so beautiful

James Kirk….oh boy. *struggles* where do I begin.

‘Star Trek’: The Original Series’ 20 Best Scenes in Photos | TVLine


William Shatner

Jim (as his friends call him) is a very good captain, is logical, yet doesn’t let his head rule over his heart…
But he’s also a 5yo boy running a space ship. And he likes a good fight…and ladies. Unfortunately.🙄😂
Love em tho. ❤ ❤

Here are some more little pieces of joy I love and wish to share…

Even when Kirk is only thinking about doing something illogical, Kirk & Spock understand each other.
Oh look, a wild David Bowie appeared.

And that’s all for today.
Make sure to return for more random fangirly posts!!! 😁 And I would love to know if any of ya’ll are Trekies!!

Fandom on peeps!

DingDing likes Spock the best! Which character do you like best??

2 thoughts on “🖖Live Long and Prosper”

  1. OMG, Yesss!!! The OG Star Trek is the best 😉 Everyone is always talking about the Stark Trek movies with Chris Pine but, the series is amazing(ahhh, Spock is my fav character)!


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