I Did A Thing😄

Yo Foxies!🦊😎 (wish there was an emoji with a fox wearing sunglasses…😒)

So I got a message this week from an awesome person names Pearl who invited me to join an epic secret society of Alien Hunters.


Haha! Not really.

She asked me to become a member of this amazing blog called Masterpiece Artists that is like my new favorite thing!!😆❤️
gO NoW aND CLicK tHe LiNk ^^^

all the artist friends rocking on the new blog

I have not made an posts yet, but I’m making plans….
*evil chuckle while rubbing hands together*

You can also find my art account on Instagram @Sincerelyhero

If you are the artsy kind, you will LOOOOOOVE the new blog. So please pleasepleaseplease go check it out, follow and spread it’s name throughout the kingdom.

Love you all my bright eyed, bushy tailed friends!🦊❤️

DingDing wants you to go follow Pearls Blog (linked above)

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