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DIY Lick and Stick Stickers!! (an old post being unpacked)

Hello there foxtastic peeps!
I’m unpacking a few old posts from my last blog and I thought this would be a great one to start off with! 😄

I love stickers. Like. LOVE them!!
But sometimes I run out of them and have to wait until the next time I have $$ until I can buy more. And that blessing doesn’t come very often (Only on birthday’s or such occasions)
So I had to think of a way to get my hands of some stickers without shoplifting….


First, you’re going to need a piece (or two pieces) of paper. Something sort of thick, not card stock, but like sketch book paper. You’ll take this piece of paper and fill it all up with your Sticker designs.

I’m only doing two as examples.

There is no end to what you can do: Watercolor(which is what I did) colored pencils, pen or if your super fancy, oil paints. You could cut out some stuff you just printed off, if you’re to lazy to draw your own. But this would place you in the very lowest crafting level, making you like a Crafting Peasant.

Cut out your designs…

LOL their upside down!😋

NEXT you will use the magical goo of Gewapermint to finish the job!

To make Gawapermint you will need:
*1 little packet of Gelatin ( just used the cheep kind)
*4 Tb of boiling water
*1 Tb of Corn Syrup or Sugar.
*A couple drops of peppermint or any flavor you want.

Boil your little bit of water then add the gelatin, mix well. Add syrup or sugar. Mix until dissolved. Add flavor, as much as you want.
Your Gewapermint will be gooey, but you can paint just a little on the back of your stickers, then let them dry.

Keep your Gawapermint in the fridge. It will firm up, but all you have to do to reuse is to put it on the stove and reheat it slowly.

After the stickers are dry, keep them in a dry place until you want to use them.
To use, simply lick and stick!


Hope you found this useful and enjoyable! And let me know if you try this out for yourself!!

Love you all!!🦊

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