Best Ever Limeade

Greetings dears! 🦌💖 I was hoping to have this posted like at the beginning of July, but here I am posting it a week before July ends. *le sigh* But Oh Well I am very proud to say that this recipe is of my very own making. I came up with it one day when… Continue reading Best Ever Limeade


Top Ten Sites For Writers

Wut-up foxy peeps?! 💕🦊 Are any of you writers? Do you have a blog? Write short stories or fanfiction? Any kind of writing??Cool beans! I've been writing stories since I was eight years old, but only within the last four or five years have I really been digging deep and learning more about the art… Continue reading Top Ten Sites For Writers


The 4th of July

Howdy my foxtastic friends! 🤠🦊 Well, it is that time of year! Hot weather, ice cream cones and watching fireworks.4th of July!! I've always enjoyed 4th of July since I was a little kid. Fireworks never really scared me and I always got to see friends. 😄💖But I also have other reasons to… Continue reading The 4th of July