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This is a creative wacky blog for creative and wacky people!
The goal for this blog is to inspire, encourage and create a fun place for people to hang out and make new friends. Posts on writing, art, crafts and random thoughts on a very wide spectrum of subjects will bring you smiles and take you on an adventure of growth.

About the Author

Hero Swartz was born in November on the second day in the year 2002 (yes she is old). She is a giraffe human (meaning she is very tall) and likes wearing anything between Regency era or 60’s clothing. As an ENFP she is extremely random and unpredictable, but is generally known as a very nice person who talks a lot and very loudly.
Hero lives in the wild lands of Oklahoma, the US. She has been a farm girl for over 8 years and prides herself in being a very weird, out of place kind of person.
She owns two bunnies and a big fluffy dog named Esther.

Look at this crazy person!